Friday, October 6, 2017

Grooming essentials

Scout is a horse that thoroughly enjoys grooming, which is great because the little girl in me (you know the one who didn't get a horse until she was 32) wants to groom and brush and braid his hair all day long. Riley, while being a thin-skinned chestnut tolerated my grooming obsession and Nolan took some real convincing. I bought extra soft brushes for him and only the most gentle curries, and by the time he left he could be groomed like a normal horse.

Moving all your stuff certainly makes you accountable for your hoarding tendencies and while I don't have them regarding tack, I do have a lot of grooming stuff!

All the stuff NOT related to grooming in my trunk
Having less space actually makes me much more organized, paring things down in my tack trunk and keeping my trailer tack room neat and tidy. I thrive on being organized, so I love having a reason to sort through things and get rid of the clutter. It's also nice just to know where all my stuff is again!

I keep all my grooming stuff in a tote like this:
Not my actual tote
These are handy totes because they have lots of pockets, they can fit a ton of grooming supplies, and you can shove the whole thing into a small space if needed. Usually I dump the whole thing out once a year to wash my brushes and I through the tote in the machine to freshen it up. I've had mine going on 4+ years!

So what's in my grooming tote?

1. Sharp scissors (a must, and yes mine have my initials on them, hands off)
2. Sleek-Ez (This is invaluable in the spring. I like this smaller version but it comes in various widths)
3. Slick n Easy Grooming Block (fiberglass brick that is wonderful for pulling out loose hairs and keeping the coat slick and shiny. It's also great on dried mud)
4. Hoof picks (one can never have too many)
5. Insta-twitch (just a double ended snap and bailing twine, makes an excellent twitch when you're flying solo, just apply twitch and snap to halter, magic!)
6. Mane and Tail combs
7. Tail Wrangler Brush (supposedly designed to not break tail hairs, but I'm not convinced, I just use it judiciously)
8. Pulling combs (Definitely can't have enough of these. The wooden one is a POS though, so i should just toss it)
9. Sore No More Spray (liniment spray that I use after tough workouts, I've also used it on sensitive soles)
10. Leistner "Prinz" Brush (Literally my favorite brush of all time. Well worth the investment, it's the brush I reach for when I only have time for a quick groom)
11. Leistner Luxurious Goat Hair Brush (a super soft finishing brush. Adds nice shine to finish grooming, great for getting off really fine dust)
12. Goat Hair Soft Brush (nice short bristled soft brush, I love it for faces)
13. Dandy Brush (Acrylic bristled dandy brush that I use for very dirty ponies! Easy to clean)
14. Leistner Dandy Brush (Medium bristled stiff brush, perfect for caked on mud. I find the bristles to be a bit long)
15. Mini Cowboy Magic (I love having this around to get out grass stains on socks!)
16. ShowSheen Shine (I use this only in tails, I actually prefer Vetroline's Shine product, but I won't turn down free samples)
17. Zepher's Garden Fungus Spray (Scout is prone to cannon/elbow scurf and this stuff seems to keep it at bay. I don't think it's a miracle worker but I do like that it's natural and smells great)
18. Rider's Rasp (I haven't used this since Riley, but it's definitely handy for stray pieces of hoof that crack off)
19. Epona Comfy Flower Curry (I LOVE this little curry, and you can use it on every part of the body!)
20. Heavy Duty Curry (Not for the thin-skinned horse, this is really like a mini massager!)
21. Sarvis Curry Comb (For as cheap as this thing is, I use it nearly every day. Great for mud, perfect for baths, and it brings up shine really easily)

And yes, I know this is a lot of stuff, most of which I don't use every single day, but it's nice to have it all on stand by in my handy tote for when I need it. What's in your grooming bag? Do you have a brush or tool you can't live without?


  1. This is really fun! The grooming bag I keep at the barn for Ruby is pretty tiny, but I have like three more at home stuffed with a ridiculous number of brushes and paraphernalia 😀 I like that twitch idea though, I'll have to remember that!

    1. That twitch has helped out so many times when I'm alone!

  2. ummmm well now I need mini cowboy magic. clearly.

  3. I love a well stocked grooming kit!

  4. Things have a habit of "walking away" at our barn. I love my Prinz brush as well since the mare is so incredibly thing skinned. The microtek spray is also one of my favourites - I spray that on everything and it smells so good

  5. The Leistner brushes are AMAZING and I love mine.