Thursday, January 4, 2018

One foot in front of the other

Scout says HI
It's been four days since Scout got cast and we're continuing to improve! His fever is gone -- we've switched him from Banamine to Bute and tomorrow he'll scale back to Bute just once a day, so hopefully the fever stays away and he remains comfortable. I started to get pretty concerned yesterday as the limb itself was still warm and VERY swollen.

Fat hock


More fat hock
And while he was walking comfortably on it and not favoring it anymore we needed to try something additional to reduce the swelling. After chatting with my regular vet and the clinic we thought that it would be worth trying to sweat the leg to see if it would respond.

Time to gather supplies.
I'm pretty sure the CVS near the barn thinks I'm a serial killer at this point because I am always buying the weirdest stuff. I chose a traditional sweat with Furacin and saran wrap, standing wrap on that and a stacked hock wrap with a figure eight bandage.

Turns out I learned something when I was a working student:)

I added some elasticon to the top and bottom of the stacked wrap to help it from slipping/moving too much. He didn't seem to care much at all about being wrapped up to his neck and I threw a supportive standing wrap on the other hind as a precaution.

In the meantime I got Boredy-McBoredpants some stalls treats that he couldn't figure out how to use
I came back a few hours later to make sure the wrap hadn't moved around too much (it hadn't, but I still re-did the top wrap to be extra careful) and I tucked him in for the night while me and the rest of the East Coast braced for Bomb Cyclone (WTF is with that name?).

For reference, I live in Philly and the farm is in Medford
The snow was scheduled to start overnight and be at it's worst during rush hour traffic. I got up and 6 to look outside and there was just a light dusting so I thought maybe the storm had veered off the coast more than anticipated. At 8, I jumped out of bed and the wind was whipping (gusts of 50mph) and the snow was really coming down. At this point they predicted it would snow until 1pm, so I though I might fare a little better if I made a run for it early to get back before there were several inches on the ground.

Untouched roads everywhere
My neighborhood is always a shitshow after snow, but I figured the main arterial roads would be better. NOPE. Nothing was touched, not even I-95! Major roads that are usually 3 lanes were mayhem with one lane of undefined boundaries and people driving all over the place. I had driven my truck home the night before as a precaution and I am SO glad I did. Having 4wd and a heavy vehicle was the only way you'd be getting around safely. By the time I got into New Jersey it was pretty much blizzard conditions. Visibility was down to about 1/8th of a mile and the blowing snow was making booby traps of snow drifts.

When I got to the farm I was happy to see one other set of tracks on the driveway (phew, the barn staff made it out there!) -- My goal was to get in and get out, as I was unsure of how hair raising my drive home would be!

All the ponies were staying in (much to their dismay), but Scout seemed happy for the company. I took his temp and mixed up his bute and took a peek at his legs. Hooray! The wraps stayed on perfectly all night (I'm not kidding when I say I was worried all night about them!)

OMG, a leg!

I've never been so happy to see bony protrusions 
The heat was greatly reduced and the swelling was down dramatically! I cleaned off the Furacin and cooled his leg off with a wet washcloth (winter's version of cold hosing). I'm thrilled with the effects of the wrap, so I'm going to leave him unwrapped for the night to see if it blows back up. If so, I'll start a protocol like I went through with his fetlock (wrapping until it goes cold and tight and weaning him off the wrap). Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to hand walk him and assess his soundness a little more. I'm feeling much more positive about his recovery at this point. Well worth the hellish drive this morning to see his improvement!

Another thing to check off my skillz list! Parallel parking this beast!
Thank you to everyone who sent good vibes our way, I think they're working! Fingers crossed we can maintain and upward trajectory. For now, stay warm all my East Coast friends, we're bracing for a couple of rough days ahead!


  1. that's super reassuring that the sweat made such a big difference! such an odd, scary injury, i hope the swelling stays out and that he's healing quickly!

  2. Glad the sweating worked - that's encouraging news! Waiting for this ridiculous weather situation to be over :D

  3. holy shit thats an IMPRESSIVE turnaround!!! good for you!!

  4. what a big difference after the sweat wrap! hoping it stays down though this weather should help hahahaha! Im so ready for normal January to return...

  5. Glad you have your giant driving beast to check on him. Stay safe!

  6. Oh you know, just a super standard stacked figure 8 hock wrap. No big.

    Glad to hear Scout is feeling better!

  7. Leg is looking TONS better. And that storm... what a mess. Hopefully it warms up for y'all soon

  8. SO MUCH BETTER. I hope Scout keeps on the up and up. And dang, those are some impressive parking skills, that thing is like a cruise ship!

  9. Man, that was a beautiful wrap. Me thinks it even deserves its own post!