Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Birthday Ride Shenanigans

These two:)
The past week has felt like an absolute whirlwind with Christmas around the corner and last minute photo shoots  and trying to say hello to/ride my horse. (Spoiler: he got an unintentional week off, more on that later) So, after a few days of really great rides, I was dead set on having a serious training ride for my birthday. My bf was gracious enough to tag along for the day and he gave me the most wonderful gift of grooming my horse while I collected all of his tack and chatted with barn mates. This horse is obsessed with him and lets him groom him like a big dog. I looked over at one point and Travis was currying his ears inside and out and Scout was just leaning his big body into him with the sweetest expression. One of my barn mates, who rides western asked me if I wanted to try one of her saddles on Scout, (since my bf was there and I told her that I wanted to teach him to ride and that he wouldn't fit in my saddle). So while my intention had been to have a training ride with video evidence, it wound up being something so much more fun!

So in true Scout form, he was not the least bit worried about wearing a western saddle (side note: I almost knocked travis out heaving it on his back when the stirrup hit him in the head!), and when my barn mate saw him, she ran to grab a matching breastplate and bridle. And OMG, he really looks cute dressed as a cow pony.

Barn friend making adjustments to tack I know nothing about 

I gave him a quick lunge to make sure that the saddle wasn't and issue and he was unimpressed... that is. until a mare in an adjacent field thought she'd ramp things up:

I'm getting really good at lunging/filming/and not letting go
I hopped on and took him for a little spin and you guys... I cannot ride in a western saddle. Like, at all. I was bouncing all over the place trying to find my balance and reaching for my stirrups, but also just laughing so much. Scout was a really good sport about the whole thing.

Scout being the cutest, me flailing about

I think I started posting finally because I just couldn't figure out how to ride!

Da Cutest:)
Then I let me bf climb aboard (yes, without a helmet -- his choice, not mine) and they got to know each other a little bit. I had Travis test the brakes and steering and they headed off on their own.

Let's all hate this guy with perfect form and natural feel

Giant horse is giant.
They gave me one little heart attack while they were walking around due to a little miscommunication where Scout heard "GO" and I nearly died. Scout flagged his tail and broke into a speedy trot and I was unsure as to how it would escalate.

Jesus take the wheel
Luckily my bf is super calm and balanced and just followed my instructions to bring him back. Phew!

And even though I didn't get to spend the day truly working my horse in the way that I had planned, the day wound up being perfect in an unexpected fashion. Scout continues to impress me with his ability to go with the flow and take a joke when his rider (me, or anyone else) makes a mistake. Spending the day with my two favorite guys made for the most perfect birthday I could have imagined.

These two make my heart sing

What about you guys? Do you do anything special with your horses on your birthday? Do you let the moment sometimes dictate how you spend your time with you horse?


  1. Every time I've ridden in a western saddle as an adult, I've fallen off! They feel incredibly weird. Glad you had a good birthday ride!

    1. I very nearly did! Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. this is so cute. wtf is with his natural seat his leg hangs great get out of here.

    1. Right? I was like, "how long have you been taking dressage lessons?"

  3. Aww haha what a cute duo! Happy birthday!

  4. Guys seem to have the best natural equitation. So incredibly unfair. But now I really need to dress Opie up in western tack because this is too cute!

  5. So fun that you two can share this :)